Fleet Management

An efficient vehicle fleet should have an appropriate management. Everything that may put you in trouble, we transform it in operational advantages for you: consultancy, online reports, elaboration of specific reports on request, exclusion of cash payments, simplification of procedures, identification of flexible solutions, monitoring of vehicle maintenance, all these being possible with a reduced staff.
Preparing the documentation, the communication with the authorities, vehicle maintenance or managing the insurances are our daily activities. We have experience, you can trust that!

Preparing the documentation

  • Preparing the files for every car, with a standard minimal configuration;
  • Keeping track of and updating the files;
  • Providing copies of the documents to the user, if necessary;
  • Managing the logbooks;
  • Performing reports of costs and analyzes.

Communication with the authorities


  • Executing works of registration, deregistration, obtaining duplicates for registration certificates and/or identity cards, obtaining vehicle registration plates and others;
  • Facilitating correspondence for persons that violated the traffic rules (by receiving letters from the Police, identifying the responsible for the deed sanctioned, sending the official response to the Police on behalf of the client).

Romanian Automobile Register

  • Preparing and operating the individual vehicle approval.

General Directorate of Local Taxes and Fees

  • Preparing and submitting within legal term the statement concerning the vehicles in one’s possession;
  • Notifying the client in terms of tax payment;
  • Declaring and writing off the vehicles from the GDLTF records.

Vehicle maintenance

  • Monitoring the action plan for periodic inspections according to the vehicle technical specifications;
  • Managing the periodic technical inspections and road taxes;
  • Tyre management;
  • Fuel management;
  • Managing the vehicle spare keys.

Insurance management

  • Consultancy on choosing the insurer;
  • We obtain the best conditions for CASCO/MTPL insurance – insurance premium, insured risks, deductibles, risk inspections;
  • We manage the damage cases.

Other related services

  • Sales of used cars;
  • Door-to-door services;
  • Back-up car