Operational leasing

Do you intend to raise the number of vehicles? Would you like to save money, but at the same time, to increase the performance?
Our solution for you is the operational leasing.

We introduce you only a few of its advantages:

  • Fixed costs and easy to put on a budget
  • Concentration of capital and credit lines in sustaining the main activity
  • Flexibility and cost reduction
  • The vehicles are kept in the Capital FLEET bookkeeping and not in the client’s one
  • Full deductibility of monthly installment
  • Constant renewal of the car park

How do we start?

  • We analyze the client’s needs and we compare them with the existing offer on the car market;
  • We provide consultancy services for you to choose the most favorable offer;
  • We calculate the expected total costs of the cars.

How do we continue?

  • We identify the best financial solution;
  • We provide consultancy support in preparing the files for the lease acquisition.

How do we implement?

  • We negotiate discounts and preferential packages with the specific suppliers;
  • We establish the vehicle configurations and we launch the production/delivery orders;
  • We supervise the conclusion of the acquisition contracts and the compliance with their provisions;
  • We deliver the cars to the client.